CCS and Lizard King’s “The Passion Ticket” Sweepstakes

CCS and SUPRA partnered up with Lizard King to present The Passion Ticket contest. One lucky winner was chosen at random, flown to LA and treated to a day in the life of Lizard King himself complete with a tour of his crib, a session at the Baker Boys warehouse, a session at the new SUPRA training facility and of course a free for all shopping spree in the SUPRA warehouse. Check out all that went down with Lizard and the contest’s lucky winner Jesus Garcia. So much passion.

Lizard King’s Firecracker Contest

Here’s a chance for you to come up on a pair of Lizard King shoes from Supra. We’re talking firecrackers, and we’re looking for your longest, gnarliest, craziest slam… Whatever. Send your best firecracker to contest@thrashermagazine.com and Lizard…

Supra Presents Lizard King’s Passion Trip Pt. 3

In the final part, Figgy continues his onslaught, Jaws adds to his insane ollie legacy, there’s parties, demos, and Lizard oversees it all.

Firing Line: Lizard King

Lizard has a unique approach to skating and a nice snap to his flips. Always. This line is no exception.

Lizard King & Don “Nuge” Nguyen Survive Skinheads, El Toro,

Lizard King and Don “Nuge” Nguyen explain how they survived and conquered El Toro, packs of wild skinheads, blazing infernos, encounters with psychotic witches, lots of drugs and much, much more!

Supra Presents Lizard King’s Passion Trip Pt. 2

The Passion Crew find themselves at one of the craziest private spots we’ve ever seen. Jaws closes down the big bowl, but not before Lizard shows some rad transition skills.

Supra Presents Lizard King’s Passion Trip Pt. 1

Hard miles are not uncommon in skating. But here’s Lizard, Figgy, Nuge, Neen, Dickson, and others putting their bodies and brains through a blender. As seen in the June issue. Second part tomorrow.

Future Nature Delivery Day With Boo Johnson

Boo Johnson and the New Venture Nightrun V-Lights


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